• Heather Hadley

Stockton 99 Speedway

My first race in almost 5 weeks was 2 days ago at Stockton 99 Speedway. As much as I love Stockton's track, it was one of the most disappointing races I have ever competed in. My last race at Stockton I won my first heat and competed in the trophy dash, so I came into this race with very high hopes. At the beginning of the very hot day on July 21st we had new tires on the Coup, so I took time breaking them in. Therefore I qualified poorly and was struggling all day on turns 3 and 4, which are two long, banking corners containing all too much room for mistakes. In the heat race, I ran side by side for over 5 laps with a friend of mine Keith Klement, who eventually took me on the inside, leaving me to finish last. Another disappointing part of the day. During the main event, I started close to the back of the pack, ready to move up. But my hopes abruptly came to a stop as I was slammed in the left rear tire, following a wreck seconds after the green. Little did I know this collision caused a stud for the pumpkin (housing for my rear end gears) to come loose. Gradually I began leaking gear oil. This oil caused a wreck between 3 others race cars, 2 of which ended with major damage all in all. I then pulled to the inside of the track, ending my race for the night. Of course my family and I are very upset about this perfect example of the saying, "It's just racing." We will all work together to make sure that as uncommon and rare of an incident it was, it wont happen again. I of course have been in the same position, leaving the track with little money in our pockets, the car in pieces, and I didn't even have a part to play in the reason the car was in pieces! I sincerely apologize for any role I had in this horrible incident and I hope that everyone involved will recover as best as possible. Moving forward I hope that I have better luck and that we can all grow as a team!

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