Platinum Sponsor

Current Sponsors!

Lindsey Vonn Foundation

Schmitt Heating and Air Conditioning

Phil Joy House Moving & Leveling

Oscat Radio

Juice Shop



A Platinum sponsor will receive a sticker from your business located on the trunk lid or the hood of both race cars, as well as a trailer wrap. Also included are business promotions, a patch on the race suit,  and consistent marketing of the product in all videos posted on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. To become a platinum sponsor at least $5,000 will have to be provided.

Gold Sponsor

A gold sponsor will receive stickers on the side of both race cars, a patch on the suit, and stickers on the truck and trailer. As well as promotions and shoutouts in all videos posted. To become a gold sponsor $1,000 dollars will have to be provided.

Silver Sponsor

A silver sponsor is for those who want to get there name out there and help out as well! You will receive a sticker on the truck and trailer. Also promotions and shoutouts as much as I can! To become a silver sponsor, $500 dollars must be provided, anything less can be contributed to my online GoFundMe page located down below. 

If you are interested in helping out "The Heat" you can contact her directly via email at Heathertheheat54@gmail.com or you can donate online at her GoFundMe page by clicking here